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Motivation and drive

Do you have trouble getting motivated? Anything motivation and drive related goes here.

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  • Motivation for working out

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    Do you work out? If so, what motivates you keep going?

    I starting working out a few years ago because I was tired all the time, my pant size was getting bigger, and I felt really self conscious. That motivated me to get in better shape and maintain it.

    There came a specific time in my life, when I really needed a new way around. It all started at Christmas this year. There has been lots of changes in my life, new way of thinking and what I wanted was to get more out of life. First principle was to simply start doing more. Charity, new major, meeting new people. And also new me. I started to work out every day, for about an hour. And it was amazing. I felt better and, what was especially significant for me, was that I had more control of my own body. And as it was, it made me even more enthustiastic person than I was. For now I stopped my training, but I still maintain good eating habits. I always eat regularly and even though I don't work out, I don't gain weight. So it was an important aspect of my new life. And I'm planning to take up a sport again 🙂

  • Supplements for increasing motivation

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  • Can't seem to beat procrastination

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    Thank you, that was very helpful.

  • Herbs and supplements that increase energy

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  • 16 Habits You Should Do Every Day

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    Well, it's certainly a different approach from the one I've been taking. I was trying to motivate myself through discipline, but my willpower isn't very strong. My mind likes to wander a lot. 😊

    The idea of building motivation up like exercising your body to become fit was an intriguing idea. I hadn't thought of it like that before, and I want to try motivating myself like this article explains. It's worth a try at least, and I'm hoping that it will work. 🙂